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Welcome to Code UPC! We deliver UPC codes, EAN codes and barcodes to merchants worldwide. All types of businesses are welcome including amazon sellers, google merchants, yahoo merchants, online and local retailers.
Most products put into distribution require a valid UPC or EAN code, also known as GTIN [Global Trade Item Number]. Here at Code UPC we offer an instant solution. Once payment is completed the UPC codes are generated instantly on the checkout page and a copy is delivered via email. Our UPC codes work with online retailers such as Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Bing, shopping comparison sites, itunes, Pandora, we also provide UPC codes to many local retailers. You'll have unlimited access to our barcode generator and if you don't want to print your own barcode labels, we offer full service printing. With your purchase we also include detailed instructions for registering your products and codes with your retailers, including step by step instructions for listing with Amazon and Google. If your selling to local retailers we include those instructions as well.

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