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Code UPC
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Welcome to Code UPC. We deliver UPC codes and EAN codes to merchants worldwide. Our codes are generated instantly on the checkout page along with our easy to use instructions.
Most products put into distribution require a valid UPC or EAN code, also known as GTIN [Global Trade Item Number]. Here at Code UPC we offer an instant solution. Once payment is completed the UPC codes are generated instantly on the checkout page and a copy is delivered via email. If you don't want to print your own barcode labels, we offer full service printing.
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Absolutely excellent service!  I very much appreciate your quick response to my question regarding additioinal UPC Codes. I will surely be back to use your services again.

Thank you.
Carol Dubovick
Thank you for great service.  I found your site easy and fast to use.  When I requested assistance, it arrived in a very timely manner via email.  I recommend your service for UPC codes.
Carolyn Ryals
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