Buy UPC Codes

Buy UPC Codes

When purchasing upc codes you have two options. You can purchase a company prefix from GS1, this is an expensive option (100 codes $750 plus $500 annual renewal fee), but these upc codes will be accepted by all retailers. The second option is to purchase upc codes from a shared (sub-divided) prefix. This option is less expensive 100 codes $129 with no annual fee and the codes are generated instantly from our stored database. It's your responsibility to check with your retailers on their upc code policy. If you choose to purchase a prefix from GS1, they'll issue you a company prefix, you can send that prefix to us and we'll generate the upc codes.

If you choose to purchase codes from us click below, we include both UPC and  EAN codes. The codes and instructions will be generated instantly on the checkout page and a copy is sent via email. We also include a link so you can generate unlimited barcode images in JPEG, PNG and EPS (vector) format.


1-9 codes - $9.95 per code 
10+ codes - $1.99 per code (10 codes only $19.90)
100+ codes - $1.29 per code. (100 codes only $129) 
1000+ codes - $0.90 per code (1000 codes only $900)

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Barcode Printing

We offer peel & stick barcode labels by the sheet, they are laser printed and guaranteed to scan perfectly every time. Simply pick your desired size, enter your upc codes, select the number of sheets and checkout. All orders are processed and delivered in 2-5 days.


Master Carton ITF-14 Shipping Container Barcodes (for shipping container only)

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  • Precious Paw Prints Boutique works for my online business. Low prices, quick delivery of codes and excellent customer service.



  • Carol Dubovick

    Absolutely excellent service!  I very much appreciate your quick response to my question regarding additioinal UPC Codes. I will surely be back to use your services again.


  • Carolyn Ryals

    Thank you for great service.  I found your site easy and fast to use.  When I requested assistance, it arrived in a very timely manner via email.  I recommend your service for UPC codes.

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What is a UPC code / EAN code?

UPC is short for universal product code, a specific type of 12-digit barcode which allows retailers to manage sales and inventory of a product. UPC codes are valid in the United States and Canada. EAN codes are a 13-digit barcodes valid in all other countries. To convert an UPC code to EAN code simply add a zero to the beginning of the UPC code.


How do I receive my codes?

Once payment is completed your codes are instantly generated on the checkout page, and a duplicate copy is sent to your email. 

How many UPC codes should I purchase?

You will need one code per item, as well as one code per variation (color, size, style). For example, if you are selling tennis shoes in four different colors you'll need to purchase four UPC codes.

How do I enter the price into my barcode?

You don't enter a price directly into the barcode. A barcode scanner identifies the product by converting a scanable image (barcode) into a product number (upc code); the product number will perform a lookup from your retailers database, the database contains the price and product information that you submitted to them.

Do I need to register my codes?

You will need to register your upc codes and product information with your marketplace, retailer and/or distributor. Instructions for registering products and codes will be generate on the checkout page.

Do these codes work for all retailers?

Some retailers such as Walmart, Sam's Club & Whole Foods will require that you buy a prefix from GS1, our codes are generated from a shared (sub-divided) prefix. If your retailer has this requirement you will have to setup your own company prefix directly with GS1. The buyer is responsible to comply with their retailers UPC policies and should check before purchasing.

I need barcode labels printed how can I do it?

We offer two solutions. We give you unlimited free access to our barcode generator, you'll be able to generate barcodes by entering your UPC codes into our generator, and then saving the barcode image to your PC for printing. We also offer printed barcode labels on "peel & stick" labels for as low as 2 cents per barcode label.

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